Beauty & Serenity

By : Hello Morelo / 27 June 2014

Take your time and enjoy the marvelous natural surroundings of our establishment, featuring an eloquent white sandy beach and alluring open sea view, where you could see a triumvirate of islands protecting our cove in the horizon. Gaze at the calm sunset and let yourself submerged to the warmness of the weather and the beautiful pallets of orange, blue or purple colors that painted the sky.


Night time of course, offers different kind of marvel: the limitless ocean of stars that sparkles throughout the dark blue sky. Morelo is also perfect if you prefer to have a serene self-reflection moment, because tranquility embalms our surroundings with warm weather and gentle wind most of the time.

Such is the calmness that you could listen to the sound of birds and leaves brushing in the forest, which makes meditating or yoga performing also a great option to add on your list of activities. Step aside for a while from your day to day problems and recharge yourself completely at Morelo.