Batam Kelong

By : Hello Morelo / 27 September 2014

Kelong (sometimes spelt Kellong) is a Malaysia word describing a form of offshore platform built mainly with woods. Kelongs are built by fisheries worker basically for fishing reason, although larger structures can also function as residences for them and their families. They are constructed Anchored into the ocean floor using wooden stacks of about 22 yards in length and driven about 6.5 yards into the ocean, they are commonly placed in shallow water, even though some can be built in deeper waters. Some Kelongs are less solitary and are linked to land via a wooden walk way. Some of them can be found in waters off Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Only a few remain around Singapore due to fast urbanization.(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).

Shalom Kelong is located in Galang Island, Indonesia, 45 minutes from Batam city. Shalom Kelong, also widely known as Ahyao Kelong, was established in 2001. In 2013, Shalom Kelong was taken over and the new management decided to change the establisment name into Morelo Kelong.

Morelo Kelong established in calm sea with extraordinary scenery surrounding the compound. Protected by three small island  in front and tropical forest behind makes a somewhat unique and unforgettable experience for patrons.

Morelo Kelong is also suitable for those who enjoy fishing. The sea around the kelong is home to many sea creatures including many kind of fish, Octopus, Squid, Star Fish, Sea cucumber and many more. 

If you are not that keen on fishing, we offer you a complete relaxation experience in Morelo Kelong. Patrons can enjoy sunset with different sky settings, relaxing while enjoying serenity and clean sea breezes blowing on your body. This is perfect to release fatigue and to go back to nature.